Tesla Model 3

Tesla is one of the most forward thinking car companies, offering a line of electric vehicles worthy of a spot in most feature films. They have the sleek look, the fast moves and they are all the rage when it comes to the green minded.


The 2018 Tesla Model 3 is the next in a lineup of such technologically advanced vehicles. It is to be considered the most anticipated car ever. Maybe after you have an idea of the electric car’s capabilities and design, you will be on pins and needles as well.

Tesla Model 3

Environmental Advantages


The Tesla Model 3 is an electric car, so it produces no tailpipe emissions and has no need for fossil fuels. Tesla has a network of supercharger stations around the world for charging, should owners need them. The need may not be that great or frequent due to the Model 3 having one of the longest ranges of the EV cars.


Although there are emissions from manufacturing of the vehicles, regardless of gas or electric, the greenhouse gas emissions are quite different for electric compared to gas powered cars. Long term, the environment suffers far more with gasoline powered cars, because renewable energy like batteries are even greener while being made.


An interesting fact about the EV car manufacturers is that, along with making a green car, they are utilizing green manufacturing practices. Most of the automakers use solar power or some type of renewable energy source for its power. Recycling is usually onsite and there is a focus on sending power back to the grid with some vehicles.



Lighter on its feet than the other Tesla models, it seems to handle road conditions better and with more confidence. Similar to the Model S, but about half the price at $35,000, the Model 3 is a bit of a throwback to the original Tesla Roadster with its front snout.


The minimalist dashboard houses a 15 inch touchscreen infotainment system and the speedometer. The acceleration is great at 0 to 60 mph in less than 6 seconds. The range for the Model 3 is around 220-310 miles, with the floor of the car housing lithium-ion battery power.


The body is made of aluminum and steel. Reportedly, the battery is between 40 and 60 kWh, but this has not been confirmed.




It is difficult to wait for something so well anticipated like the Model 3 if you happen to be an owner on the waiting list. One other drawback may be a matter of taste, in that some people claim that it may be over designed. It depends on the eye of the beholder.


Safety Features


Tesla promises 5 star crash ratings on the Model 3 once on the market. It will also have the Autopilot system, ensuring drivers a safer commute and stress free driving experience. It is not totally hands free, but will certainly aid in guiding the driver safely down the road.


Tesla’s master plan is to have everyone driving electric eventually and completely doing away with fossil fuel combustion driving. There is little doubt that we are around the corner from this realization, and little doubt Tesla will usher us into this new era.


This article was last updated on: March 13, 2018