Chevrolet Bolt

The Bolt has the ability to propel you forward into a new era of driving filled with charging up at home instead of fueling up at a gas station. It offers compact sportiness instead of sedan luxury, along with a lengthy battery life instead of worrying about fuel efficiency.


Seven years ago, things for GM were vastly different. Now, the GM Bolt will do more than just propel its passengers down the road for $37k, but it will propel its maker into the lead for the battery car race.

Chevrolet Bolt

Environmental Advantages

Because the Chevrolet Bolt is an electric vehicle, it is independent of fossil fuels and their prices. The Bolt emits no tailpipe emissions due to being battery operated, but it does emit wheel to wheel emissions.


Wheel to wheel emissions are the amount of greenhouse gases that the car emits while distributing the energy to the car’s components to run it. Depending on the type of car, most electric cars emit about half of what a gasoline powered car yearly emits in greenhouse gases.


The drain on the environment is less due to the range of power the Bolt displays. It can take its passengers on a full charge 238 miles. This is certainly above average range in the EV car market.


Only General Motors can take its hard-boiled, sensible approach to car design and thrust it upon the electric car market successfully. The Bolt is doing well in sales, despite its rather uninspiring appearance. The Chevrolet Bolt is not a luxury car, nor a sedan but a subcompact car, giving its passengers just enough room for five average sized people.


Less energy is wasted due to its one pedal driving and deceleration feature. This allows the driver to come to a complete stop in low mode by simply raising their foot off the accelerator, thereby wasting less gas.


In addition to one pedal driving, there is also regen on demand. With the pull of the paddle on the steering wheel, the car can slow down without the driver ever having to press the brake pedal, saving even more energy.


In the cabin, the Bolt has a 10.2 inch touch screen and a cluster of smart options like 4G LTE WiFi, Apple Carplay and options for Android users as well. For an extra $750 Bolt buyers can purchase an optional CCS port which is a Combined Charging System capability that allows for the owner to utilize any of the CCS charging centers around any of the major metropolitan cities.


If charging with a CCS optional purchase package is a plus, the Bolt’s charging capabilities are also a minus. Plugging in the car overnight should be enough for most people, but range is still a limitation across the EV market as a whole.

Safety Features

For now, at least until the electric car market becomes more saturated, one of the anti-theft features is the car’s unfamiliarity. There have been reports of cars being stolen and left abandoned due to the hijacker not understanding how to operate an EV, specifically a Chevrolet Bolt.


Nimble and smooth, the Chevrolet Bolt has gotten great accolades on its driving performance. Drivers claim it is a fun car to drive, enjoyable and a safe bet.