Environmental Advantages Of Hybrid/Electric Cars

In the recent years there have been a lot of discussions concerning the future of personal vehicles using oil products as a mean of energy, such as cars. The discussion is about global warming, pollution and the dependency upon the non-renewable oil. The global car industries has already begun to show exactly where the future of cars is going and right now it seems as electric cars and hybrid cars is the answer.

Electric cars

green carElectric cars are vehicles which solely depend on electricity to work and although it might seem like science fiction the electric car is already here, and has been here for the last hundred years. The main problem with the electric car is that it can not go very far before it needs to be recharged, something that takes between three to six hours. The electric car can simply not give the driver the same sense of freedom as a standard car can, at least not now.

Hybrid cars

The solution to the electric cars shortcomings when it comes to short distances was the hybrid car that is a merge between a standard car and an electric car. The electric motor in a hybrid car is still the main source of propulsion but when the battery starts to run low or the hybrid car needs a little extra juice the standard engine kicks in and does just that. The hybrid car is an advanced piece of machinery equipped with computers that controls every little detail in both of the propulsion systems. The latest idea takes the hybrid car one step closer to the electric car by introducing the possibility to recharge the batteries using an external source such as the normal electric grid.

Health of people and nature

The environmental advantages of the both electric and hybrid car should be quite obvious to everybody, increased health for both people and nature. It is long since proved that the use of oil products releases more pollution into the air than the nature can take care of, increasing risks of both cancer and lung diseases. The pollution produced by cars might also get carried into the atmosphere where it transforms into acidic rain, one of the worst problems for nature and even planted crops. So by using hybrid and electric cars humanity not only does the nature a favour but also does our selves a favour.


Now it might seem as if the hybrid and electric cars are the answer to all environmental problems but the truth is far from it. The cars are great for the environment and peoples health, there is no argue there, but these cars will need to get their electricity from somewhere and that is where the disadvantages shows. Most of the extra electricity needed to recharged electric cars today is produced by coal plants, creating even more pollution than the average car would. Another problem is that statistics have shown that both hybrid and electric cars takes more energy to produce than a regular car and although that is a problem that most likely will be solved in time it is not a positive thing today. So although the electric and hybrid cars will be the vehicle of the future, it is not the vehicle of today.

This article was last updated on: April 24, 2016