Hybrid Cars

There has been a lot of talk about hybrid cars these last past years and although many have heard about it there are very few that understand exactly what it means and how it works. It is said that the hybrid cars are the automobiles of the future, not only because of their high tech solutions and designs but also because of the extreme lowering in pollution. A standard car running on pure gasoline spews out hazardous gases into the air that we breathe and although it has worked fine for all of these years, it is about time that humanity tried on a more environmentally friendly side for a change. It is important since we are all apart of it.


Hybrid cars – What is it?

When scientists discovered that the concept of cars which ran solely on electricity would not work practically they started to look in other directions and one of these directions was the creation of a hybrid car. A hybrid is simply a combination of an electric car and a car with a regular source of energy, such as ordinary gasoline although there are a lot of other types energy sources such as fuel cells, ethanol and natural gas. In many ways the hybrid car is just as an ordinary electric car but when it needs a little extra juice the standard engine kicks in and helps out. That way the hybrid car can accelerate faster and go further than a solely electric car can while not producing at all as much pollution that a standard vehicle today does.

Hybrid cars – In the city

In the cities where the problem with polluted air is the biggest problem the hybrid car works as any other electric car producing no pollution at all. The electric motor that powers the hybrid car gets its energy from a number of batteries that is built into the vehicle. Every time the car breaks the onboard computer will automatically switch to generators, thus using the hybrid cars momentum to continuously recharge the batteries. The hybrid car is both environmentally clean and completely silent as it cruises on inside the city limits, making it the perfect city vehicle.

Hybrid cars – On the high way

The usual problem with electric cars is that you cannot go very far before you need to stop and recharge the batteries, something that usually takes between 3-6 hours. The hybrid car, on the other hand, will run on electricity until the onboard computer finds it obvious that the vehicle is on a highway and then engage the secondary propulsion system. Being a normal engine running on some sort of fuel, as it is today gasoline is the most common fuel although ethanol is quickly becoming popular, it can run for much longer than a electric motor running of batteries ever could. There are two ways in which the secondary propulsion system can give the hybrid car the punch that it needs, either it will take over completely so that the car both gets recharged and runs forward on a standard engine or the engine only recharges the batteries giving the electric system a much longer time before the electricity runs out. Either way, it gives the car that little extra that is needed for long distance travelling.

This article was last updated on: April 24, 2016