Economical Advantages Of Hybrid/Electric Cars

The main idea of buying an electric or hybrid car is to get rid of the dependency of oil products but as always it is the money that decides. For the average Joe of the street environment might be important but being able to feed and clothe his children is far more important and so the question comes down to economics. Which car is the cheapest to buy and own among the lot. Here you will be able to learn more about the electric and hybrid car and what the economical advantages, and disadvantages, is buying one.

Electric cars


Tesla electric cars

Although the electric car, a car that runs solely on electricity stored in batteries, might seem as science fiction there have been working models around for a hundred years. The reason for this is that the electric car really never could compete with a standard car when it comes to freedom and range. The electric car could only go around a hundred miles before it needed to be recharged, a procedure that took at least three hours.

Hybrid cars

The hybrid car was a way to give the electric car more action time but still keeping its environmental approach. This was done simply by merging the electric car with a standard car, having two propulsion systems instead of just one. The electric motor was still the main source of propulsion but when the car needs to drive far or accelerate fast the standard engine would kick in, giving the hybrid car the extra juice it needs. Although not as environmentally as friendly as the electric car, the hybrid car is much cleaner than any other standard car on the market today and with future technologies on the horizon it might transform into an electric car some day.

Expensive to buy, cheap to own

There is no idea denying that the both the electric car and the hybrid car is more expensive to buy than a standard car in the same size and class it often turns out to be a better deal in the long run. The most obvious reasons to why an electric or hybrid car is cheaper to own is that they run on either no or very little oil based products compared to a standard vehicle. With the price of gas today going sky-high it might be a good idea to switch over to the cheaper alternative electricity. What most people do not think about is that electric and hybrid cars generally receives a lot of perks such as tax relieves for driving environmentally friendly, free parking within certain areas and the privilege to use the carpool lanes although you are alone in the vehicle. These perks needs to be checked first though as they differ from area to area.

The market of electricity

The main economical problem with electric and hybrid cars is exactly the same as their advantage, they run on electricity. Although electricity is rather cheap today there is no telling what can happen with the price in the future, especially not if everybody starts to drive around in electric cars. Even today the production of electricity is lower than the need in some countries and there simply are no cheap, simple and safe alternative. Future production of electricity will most definitely affect both the production and sales of both electric and hybrid cars.