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Welcome to LessCars.org

Lesscars.org is a site devoted to promoting more energy efficient and environmentally friendly transportation methods.

With today’s discussions about global warming and greenhouse effect it has become a major trend trying to find the new kind of transportation that both will provide with the freedom of modern cars while being a lot more environmentally friendly, the solutions are not only of technological nature but also psychological, changing the way the general public looks upon transportation, is implemented.

Electric cars

Electric cars might seem as science-fiction today but the truth is that they have existed for over a hundred years, during the 1990s they were even a very upcoming means of transportation in the United States of America. The electric car is as clean as they come, running solely on electricity. Unfortunately the interest for these vehicles has never met the goals set by the producers, mainly because the batteries takes hours to recharge and will only take the vehicle 80 miles or so.

Hybrid cars

Hybrid cars are a combination of a standard vehicle and an electric car making it possible to choose. While inside a city the car can run solely on electricity creating no pollution at all and once inside the standard engine kicks in giving the vehicle both the speed and range of a standard car. With a clever design this vehicle recharges itself and will never need to be recharged externally, although with an external recharge system the car will both be cheaper and cleaner.

Public transportation

Public transportation is still the best way to get around and large governmental campaigns are trying to get the general public to understand this. Mostly running on electricity and carrying the passengers of several cars public transportation is both clean and effective. Even buses are good for the environment depending on how many passengers it carries. Implementing new inventions on buses though will make them as environmentally friendly as any tram or subway.


Carpooling works sort of as public transportation but in a much smaller scale. One car with five people inside produces much less pollution than five cars with one person in each. Carpooling can also help the general public to avoid traffic jams since there will be a lot less cars on the roads going from point A to point B, a steady flowing traffic also means less pollution. With the modern means of communication, Internet and cell phones, car pooling is easy and everybody will benefit from it, both economically and medically.

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